Managing an Inbox that has been delegated to you (When a coworker is on leave)




If someone has Delegated their tasks to you, you will view their inbox tasks, in your Inbox. (Refer to General Navigation or the earlier portion of this How To for how to access your Inbox via the Inbox worklet or your profile in the upper right hand corner)






STEP 1: When accessing your Inbox, you will see tasks delegated to you showing “on behalf of” under the task name. To review and complete the task on behalf of the employee on leave, click on Switch Account.


STEP 2: You can also access the inbox of the delegated employee by clicking on your Profile icon and selecting Switch Account .

STEP 3: Once you've switched accounts, click on the inbox to access the delegated tasks.





STEP 4: You can toggle between Your Account and theirs by selecting their name.