Enter Time Off for Direct Report

In the case where an employee cannot enter their time off themselves (such as illness, unexpected leave etc.), a manager can enter it for them.  

Note: A manager cannot modify an employee's submitted time off request.  Only an employee can modify their time off requests once they have submitted.


STEP 1: On the Home page, click on the My Team Worklet


STEP 2: Hover over the employee for whom you want to enter time off.


STEP 3: Click the Related Actions Button next to the employee’s name. Image of the Related Actions icon.


STEP 4: Select Time and Leave > Enter Time Off

STEP 5: This will bring you to the leave calendar view for your employee


STEP 6: Select the day(s) for the time off.


STEP 7: Click Request Time Off.




STEP 8: Enter the Type of time off requested and the Daily Quantity.


STEP 9: Click Submit to save. 


STEP 10: The employee will receive a notification that you have entered time off for them.