Adjusting your Workday Outlook email notifications


NOTE: For each item in your Inbox/Notifications, you will also receive an immediate email to your Swinerton Outlook account from Swinerton Workday  These settings can be changed using the instructions below.


Example of a Workday Outlook Notification:






Changing your Workday Outlook notifications:


STEP 1: From your Workday home page click on profile in the upper right hand corner of the home screen. 


STEP 2:  Click on "My Account".




 STEP 3:  Then click on "Change Preferences".




 STEP 4:  Scroll to the bottom of the page where it says "Channel".

  There are two types of Parent Notification Types listed for Email


1. Alerts - These are FYI type notifications that do not require action of you in the system.


2. Business Processes - These are Actionable notifications that DO require action of you in the system and are time sensitive. (Approval of timecards for example)


For each of these types, you will see specific Notification types and how the notification will be sent.  The default setting for notifications is a frequency of Immediately  This can be changed to a daily digest if you wish to only receive one email a day, listing all your notifications.  To change the notification to a daily digest, move on to STEP 5.



STEP 5: Locate the alert type you would like to change to Daily. 

STEP 6: Click on the field and remove Immediately and click on the Prompt to select the Daily option.

STEP 7: Repeat for all notifications you wish to adjust.  

STEP 8: Click OK in the bottom left hand corner of the screen to save a;; your changes.