These are tips and tricks for submitting ExakTime tickets that will get you the fastest response to your issues.

TIP 1: Please use the Swinerton Support site for all of your requests. When you submit a ticket, you'll have the attention of multiple people on the Service Desk, which will help get your issue resolved quickly.

TIP 2: The Service Catalog has dedicated pages for the four most common requests listed below.

Some of the most common tickets which have catalog items are:

  • Viewset Change Request - If a user is assigned to the San Diego Drywall cost center but needs to see the San Diego Concrete craft, or if a Sacramento Carpenter is going to go work in San Francisco and needs those foremen to be able to manage his time, etc.
  • Admin Approver Access - If an admin employee such as a Project Manager or Superintendent need access to audit and/or approve craft time.
  • Craft Employees on 4x10 Shifts - If you need to move a group of employees to a 4x10's schedule. Or back to a 5x8's schedule.
  • Temporary/Contingent Worker Account - If you need to create an ExakTime Time Approver account for a temporary or non-Swinerton worker,

TIP 3: If there's not a Service Catalog item for your specific request, please make sure to choose "ExakTime" from the "Issue" box in the ticket:

TIP 4: Make sure to include all of the information we might possibly need. Even if you don't use a Service Catalog item, we're still going to need to know the Employee ID, the job number, the cost code, the dates affected, and whether or not the user is using the iPad or the web. Failing to include this information will just make your ticket take longer to resolve, for the same issues laid out above. Here are some examples of generic versus specific information in a ticket:

Example #1: Albert can’t use ExakTime

  • Albert who? We need a name and employee ID.
  • Have you (or another Time Approver) verified that he is active in ExakTime?
  • ExakTime Mobile (on the iPad) or Connect (on the web)?
  • What does “can’t use” mean?
    • Does he need to watch training videos to learn how to actually use it?
    • Does his app not launch on the iPad?
    • Does he put in his PIN and it gives him an error?
    • What kind of error is he seeing?
    • Can other people use the iPad, but only he has the issue?

Example #2: No one on the Briarwood job can clock time

  • What’s the job number?
  • Please list some employees (with IDs) that you’ve checked and verified don’t work
  • What does “can’t clock time” mean?
    • Do they need to watch training videos to learn how to actually use it?
    • Does the app not launch on the iPad or iPhone?
    • Do they put in their PIN and it gives them an error?
    • What kind of error are they seeing?
    • Can other people use the iPad, but only these people have the issue?

Those are just a couple of quick examples for you of the kind of specifics that will help you get a fast and accurate response. If nothing else, make sure that there are specific employee IDs and/or job numbers to compare against, please.

Note: Screenshots are always appreciated!