This guide will demonstrate how to manage cost codes for your project via ExakTime Connect.



Managing cost code availability for the field will assist with efficiency and accuracy of productivity tracking.



See below for step-by-step instructions.

Managing Cost Codes

1. Log into ExakTime Connect        https://swinerton.exaktime.com/

2. Click Manage.

3. Select Locations.

4. Search for your project.

5. Click on the Pencil Icon.

6. Select the Viewsets tab.

7. Enter your job number into the search field. (IMPORTANT - do not skip this step)

8. Adjust the viewset as needed.

        In Viewset - Checked boxes ü are active.

        In Viewset - Empty boxes are inactive.

        Note - the Show: filter allows us to view All, Active or Inactive cost codes.

9. Click Save.

Effective Time

ExakTime Connect - All changes will be effective upon Save.

ExakTime Mobile - All changes will be available on mobile devices upon sync at least 15 minutes after changes are saved in ExakTime Connect.

        Note: If changes do not update automatically on ExakTime Mobile - perform a Hard Sync.