Reopen Overhead Job in CMiC Enterprise

Follow the steps below to reopen an overhead job that is showing as Closed under Job Costing/Job/Enter Job. Above is an example of a closed OH job. These steps show how to change the Status to "In Process" so that the OH job is reopened.

STEP 1: In CMiC Enterprise, Go to Job Costing/Utilities/Close Billings, Costs Jobs and TM Contracts

STEP 2: Be sure the "Include Closed Jobs" box is checked. 

Query for the OH job.

STEP 3: You will see there is an Actual Completion Date listed (meaning the job was closed as of that date). 

A. Delete the date in this field.

B. Click Process.

STEP 4: Click Save and Exit.

STEP 5: Go to Job Costing/Job/Enter Job

STEP 6: Query and pull up the job.
Verify the Status field now shows as "In Process" instead of "Closed." 

This means the OH job is now reopened. The process is completed.