A Cost Center in Workday are synonymous with the CMiC departments. 

“Tracks financial transactions and HCM transactions with a financial impact, such as hiring or terminations. Employees and Contingent workers are assigned to a cost center when hired. You can roll up cost centers into cost center hierarchies, which can only store cost centers for reporting purposes. You can't associate transactions with a cost center hierarchy. The Edit Cost Center task enables you to specify related work tags.”       

There are two types of Cost Centers: 1) Cost Center, which holds the people, and 2) Project Cost Center, which holds the projects.

Cost Centers also have a hierarchy, which are considered Custom Organizations in Workday.  It was decided that this hierarchy should follow the current financial roll-up reporting to Region, then to the Corporate Region (this being the top level).  Below is a sample of the mapping created to build this functionality.

 Cost Centers  Cost Center Hierarchy (Region)

Each Cost Center (department) is assigned to a Level 3 Hierarchy which is synonymous with our current Divisions (screen shot above).

Each Division is then assigned to a Level 2 Financial Region hierarchy as shown in the screen shot below.

Cost Center Hierarchy  Financial Region

Resource Administrator column represents the Owners, Project Managers and Resource Managers assigned to each cost center. This Resource Administrator, is the primary contact for issues related to projects, resource plans (default and project specific) and charge out rates related to these projects.

Only Cost Centers that start with ‘7’ or ‘8’ have data populated in the Cost Center as you can see in the following screen shots of Cost Center 805599

When you access the cost center, the first information that will display is the ‘Members’ tab. This tab holds data about the employees assigned to this cost center.

The next tab ‘Details’ provide high level information about the cost center.

The 3rd tab ‘Staffing’ shows the Organizations assigned to this Cost Center and the number of positions that have been created in each of the listed Organizations.  

The 4th tab ‘Unavailable to Fill’ lists the Supervisory Organization and number of positions actually open to be filled, and the positions that have been closed over time.

The last 2 tabs ‘Roles’ and ‘Security Groups’ are not being used at this time.