Editing Project Hierarchy Resource Plans


This document is a guide for Finance and Financial Managers to assist them in editing an existing Project Hierarchy Resource Plan. This Resource Plan is the default resource plan that is used when a job is integrated into Workday from CMiC. It contains both Craft and Admin profiles.  Note: Union Craft profiles will never have rates added on this plan but a resource line must exist.

Access Workday from the Desktop Icon on your computer

STEP 1: Once in Workday, navigate to Edit Resource Plan for Project Hierarchy

STEP 2: Enter the Project Hierarchy code for the Division you need to update

STEP 3: Click OK (to open the resource plan)

STEP 4: Click “Click here to sort” (to alphabetize the role list)

STEP 5: Select Project Role

STEP 6: Confirm that the role you want to add does not currently exit.

Notes: If the Project Role does proceed to Step 9, if it does not proceed with Step 7

STEP 7: Click Add

STEP 8: Complete the following fields:

a. Project Role = Enter Job Profile code

b. Standard Cost Rate Override = Enter charge rate for the role

c. Standard Cost Rate Currency Override = Enter “USD” (note: this is not a Workday required field but it is required to SAVE the record)

d. If this is an employee specific rate, click the “Assign a Worker” button

e. Click the ‘+’ next to “Worker” in the grid

f. On the blank line, enter the workers name and tab

g. If this is a group rate, click the “Associate a Group” button

h. Worker Group = Enter Worker Group Code

Note: If the Dynamic Resource Pool (aka: Worker Group) for this profile does not exist, you will need to create it before you can complete this set up. See the How To - Creating Dynamic Resource Pools.

i. Click OK when done

STEP 9To Edit an existing resource plan line, click on the Role in the left grid, this will open the record

STEP 10: Edit the record as needed.

STEP 11: Click OK when done