Creating Project Specific Resource Plans


This document is a guide for Finance and Financial Managers to assist them in creating a Project Specific Resource Plan for a job with negotiated rates. This process should include all job profiles that could potentially charge time to this project, including both Admin and Craft.  Note: Union Craft profiles will never have rates added during this process unless the record being added is person specific.

Access Workday from the Desktop Icon on your computer

STEP 1: Once in Workday, navigate to the specific project you want to update

STEP 2: When the project screen opens navigate to Resources tab

a. System will default the Resource Plan tab

b. Click Add

Note: If Add button is not visible, and Edit and Synchronize Dates are visible, the project already has a project specific resource plan.

STEP 3: The Create Resource Plan for Project screen will open

a. Check the “Copy from Project Hierarchy” box

Note: Or you can create a Template to be used in each project and select from that.

b. Click OK

 STEP 4The new Resource Plan screen will display

a. To add a profile that does not exist in the left profile list, click the Add (+).
b. When adding a new profile, complete the following fields (center of the screen)
i. Project Role = Job profile code

ii. Start and End dates as needed

iii. Standard Cost Rate Override

iv. Standard Cost Rate Currency Override – USD (this is a required field)

v. If profile is not person assigned, then click the ‘Associate a group’ button

vi. Add the Worker Group (this is the job profile code preceded by division number. i.e.: 020ACCTNT)

i. If profile is person assigned, then click the ‘Assign a Worker’ button

ii. Click the ‘+’ sign next to ‘Worker’

iii. A new line will open in the box below the ‘Worker’ heading

iv. Enter the workers Name or Employee Number, and select

STEP 5: Once the plan has been updated a confirmation screen will display

STEP 6: Click Done

STEP 7: You can confirm that the new plan has been generated, by going to the Overview tab and looking at the ‘Resource Plan (Assigned) field.

STEP 8: The final step is to update the Integration ID for the Project Specific Resource plan you just created.

STEP 9: Click on the Actions button