Creating Dynamic Resource Pools (Worker Groups)


This document is a guide for Finance and Financial Managers to assist them in creating a Dynamic Resource Pools (aka Worker Groups) for the Project Resource PlansDynamic Resource Pools are created when a new Job Profile is being used in a new or existing Resource Plan

The functionality for creating Worker Groups is completed by creating a Dynamic Resource Pool

Access Workday from the Desktop Icon on your computer

STEP 1: In the Search box, enter Dynamic, the following selections will appear

a. Create Dynamic Resource Pool – is for new Worker Groups

b. Edit Dynamic Resource Pool – is for updating an existing Worker Group

c. View Dynamic Resource Pool – is a report

STEP 2: Click Create Dynamic Resource Pool

a. *Name = division #+job profile name (294ACCTCL)

b. Description = leave blank

c. Inactive = leave unchecked


STEP 3:Frequently Used Dimentions

    a. *Job Profile = job profile code (same as the one used in the Name) - * Job Profile is a required field by Swinerton

     STEP 4:     Additional Dimensions
               a. Click Add

        b. Dimension = Enter Cost Center – Select the 1st option “Cost Center”

c. Value = the list of cost centers that need access to this worker group

Notes: When initially setting these up, we used all cost centers in the region in which the worker group belonged. Included also were 80190 and the Accounting cost center that was supporting the group.

Step 5:Click OK (see completed sample below).