Editing Dynamic Resource Pools (Worker Groups)


This document is a guide for Finance and Financial Managers to assist them in making changes to a Dynamic Resource Pools (aka Worker Groups) for the Project Resource Plans. Once changes have been made confirm that problem has been resolved. 

Access Workday from the Desktop Icon on your computer

STEP 1: In the Search box, enter Dynamic, the following selections will appear

a. Edit Dynamic Resource Pool – is for updating an existing Worker Group

STEP 2: Click Edit Dynamic Resource Pool

STEP 3: Dynamic Resource Pool = Enter the Worker Group code you want to update

STEP 4: Click OK

STEP 5: The Worker group details will be displayed – below are the updates that may be required

a. If job profile is missing, add it.

b. If a Cost Center is missing, click on the 3 lines to open the search box, add the appropriate cost center. 

c. If a Cost Center should not be included, click on the ‘X’ next to the cost center name to delete.

STEP 6: Click OK when done