Creating Standard Cost Rate Rules for Union Standard Cost Rates


This document is a guide for Finance and Financial Managers to assist them in creating new Project Standard Cost Rates and the Cost Rate Rules associated with the specific Unions. This process is only for Union Craft profiles, all other profiles and rates are set up on the Resource Plans 

Access Workday from the SwinNet “Go To” drop down menu or Workday Desktop Icon

STEP 1: Once in Workday, Navigate to “View Project Standard Cost Rate Sheet”

Note: This is a report that will provide you with a list of all the Project Standard Cost Rates and rules already set up in Workday for use in creating the new Cost Rate Rule.

STEP 2: Name - Select "Swinerton Standard Cost Rate Sheet"

STEP 3: View As Of - Accept current date default

STEP 4: Click  OK

STEP 5: Export - On the right hand side of the screen just above the report details, there is an Excel icon, click that to export the report (sample below)

Note: Export is not required, if you don't mind working in 2 Workday screens at the same time.

STEP 6: Navigate to "Create Project Cost Rate Rule"

STEP 7: Copy the existing Rate Rule you want to use as your template (from the export or Workday Cost Rate Sheet screen)

STEP 8: Description: Paste copied Cost Rate rule into description field update the rule name as required. In this case we are creating a new rule for a new Union Category (Union 0296/Labor Foreman/Group 2B)

STEP 9: Copy Condition from Rule: Paste the same Cost Rate rule into this field (this allows the system to default the existing rules for use in the new rule 

Note: In this case there were 2 similar rules, select the one you want to use. System generates the new rules and adds and empty row at the top.

STEP 10: Delete the blank row by clicking on the minus sign on the left

STEP 11: Scroll to the right on the Category field and update the Group Code in “Comparison Value” field

STEP 12: Click OK