Part I

1. Ticket comes in for an External User Request (EUR) with the 8-digit Job # in the Subject Line

2. Reply with your Canned Response and click Send (or Send set to Pending)

3. Open the .xlsm attachment, 

    Make sure all of the fields are completed (except Middle Initial, that is optional)

    Delete the 2nd and 3rd tabs

4. In the excel spreadsheet, go to File > “Save As” 

5. Click Browse and go to \\\cmic\CMICEUR\FileDrop (create shortcut for yourself and add it to Quick Access in File Explorer

6. Change file type to .csv and name it “FS-xxxxx.csv” (Fresh Service-ticket number.csv)

7. Click Save

Go back into ticket, click “Add Note” [PRIVATE], type, copied to FileDrop

    ~  OR  ~
Populating ticket information... External User Request tickets will come in with blank ticket fields
option I

Create a canned Scenario in Fresh Service. Add the actions below and save your scenario (if you use this, you can skip manually adding the Note, see above)

option II
You can manually completed the fields 

            ü Group = Apps – Service Desk (or change to your group)

            ü Agent = Your Name

ü Office Location = Concord can be used as a default or you can enter the Requestor’s location (you can find this in Requestor’s signature or open the attachment and get it from “location” column)

ü Issue = Applications

ü Category = CMiC

                       ü Specifics = EUR

ü Job Number = Copy/paste from the Subject line of ticket

ü Tags = add “CMiC EUR”

ü Click Update to save info

Part I = Completed,
Click link to go to Part II;