This process will outline how to change your password using the Self Service Password Reset website


  • For this method to work, you must have previously set up at least two Authentication Contact methods with Microsoft (Multi-Factor Authentication. You can set up, view or make changes to your authentication contact information here: (You probably set these up already if you have Swinerton email on your mobile device.)
  • You can reset your password from any internet connected device, such as work/home computers or work/personal Android and Apple iOS mobile phones and tablets. It does not need to be done on your Swinerton computer.
  • If using a Swinerton computer, it may not accept the new password to log in to your desktop until you connect to a Swinerton network.

Instructions: Follow the steps below to reset your password using Self Service Password Reset:

1. Go to and select "Swinerton User Self-service Password Reset".

2. Enter your Swinerton email address in the box asking for “User ID”.

3. Prove you are human by entering the letters from the captcha image in the bottom box.


  • This step does not require capitalization
  • If letters are unreadable you can press the refresh icon   to get a different set of letters (recommended)


4. Choose a contact method. You will get an email with a code sent to the address partially shown, or a text or call containing a 2nd code. You will need to do more than one verification method to proceed.

5. If you chose the call or text option: check for a call/text from Microsoft that will provide you with a numerical code. 

    If you chose the email method: check your email at the address partially shown on the screen. You should have an email from that contains a verification code as shown below.

6. Enter the code provided in the box shown here:

7. Repeat steps 4-6 using a different phone number or email address than the one you just used.


8. Enter your new password. and repeat to confirm the new password.

Note: Here are the requirements for creating a new password:

· Minimum Length = 14 characters

· Must have at least 2 of the following: Upper Case, Lower Case, Number or Special Character (!$%# etc.) Examples: Arnoldrunningman, 12daysofchristmas, B@ckTwoSquare1 are all acceptable passwords

· Change Frequency = 180 days

· cannot use any of the last 26 passwords

· Cannot have 3 of the same character in a row. Examples: Basketballlarry or heavyhammer777 

· 20 failed tries will result in a locked account for 5 mins. This will allow for plenty of mistakes while keeping the password more secure.

· Common words associated with our company are not allowed. (Swinerton, Builders, Password, SRE, SOLV,12345 etc.) your username also cannot be used in the password.

· Incremental changes are no longer allowed example Swinerton1 being changed to Swinerton2 or Football11 being changed to Football12

Your new password will work in all systems immediately if you are on Swinerton WiFi (SI_Users or SI_Jobsites), docking station or VPN. If you are on one of our Guest WiFi connections, simply use VPN to connect into network.