How to Set Up Your Self-Service Password Reset


To enable the option to reset your own password you must set up two or more Authentication Contact methods which Microsoft will use to verify your identity.

1. Using Internet Explorer (Chrome will NOT work for this process) go to , you'll see the page below...

2. Click 're-enter my password' to continue, you'll see the page below...

3. Enter your main Swinerton password and click 'Sign in', you'll see the page below...

(You will need to setup and verify at least two pieces of information here. Most people should already have a green check mark on the 1st option as their desk phone number.)

4. If you have at least two green check marks you are already finished! Click 'looks good' and close the browser.

If not, continue to the next step...

5. You will be asked to set up a 2nd option of your choice. It can be any of the following...

   a. Work mobile number

   b. Personal mobile number

   c. Personal email address (non-Swinerton)

   d. Do not use 'Security Questions' option

6. Click the blue link next to the option you wish to verify (phone number or email address). It will look something like this...

7. This step varies depending on whether you chose phone number or email address...

   a. If you chose the phone number option: click 'Select your country or region' and choose United States (+1)

      Enter your work mobile or personal mobile number and choose 'text me' or 'call me', whichever you prefer

   b. If you chose the email option: enter in your non-Swinerton email address and click 'email me'

8. You will receive a call or text (if phone) or email (if email) with a numerical code. Enter that code into the provided field and click 'verify'

9. You should now have two green check marks. Once there are two it is not required to verify anything else, click 'finish'

You are now set up for the Self-Service Password Reset. In the future you can reset your own password using

If you need assistance, or something goes wrong, please contact the Service Desk at:

Phone : 866-647-5200



Note: Here are the requirements for creating a new password:

· Minimum Length = 14 characters

· Must have at least 2 of the following: Upper Case, Lower Case, Number or Special Character (!$%# etc.) Examples: Arnoldrunningman, 12daysofchristmas, B@ckTwoSquare1 are all acceptable passwords

· Change Frequency = 180 days

· cannot use any of the last 26 passwords

· Cannot have 3 of the same character in a row. Examples: Basketballlarry or heavyhammer777 

· 20 failed tries will result in a locked account for 5 mins. This will allow for plenty of mistakes while keeping the password more secure.

· Common words associated with our company are not allowed. (Swinerton, Builders, Password, SRE, SOLV,12345 etc.) your username also cannot be used in the password.

· Incremental changes are no longer allowed example Swinerton1 being changed to Swinerton2 or Football11 being changed to Football12