This guide will demonstrate the process of performing a full Hard Sync (aka data reset) for ExakTime Mobile.


A Hard Sync should be performed if users experience decreased functionality or an employee(s) and/or cost code(s) are available in ExakTime Connect but are not populating in the app.


See below for step-by-step instructions.

Hard Sync

1. Open the ExakTime Mobile app on your device and open the app menu.

2. In the app menu select Help.

3. Select Support.

4. Enter code '11113'.

5. Click OK on the proceeding prompt.

6. Go back to the app menu and click Sync to begin the hard sync.

Note: At this point the app will begin the synchronization process which will take 10+ minutes to complete. Once done you should be able to use the app normally. Be sure to take note of whether or not the missing information is now available.If the needed information is still absent after this hard sync, please contact the Service Desk for further assistance.