Adding an ADF Program to the JSP Treeview - 

STEP 1: In JSP, go to [Menu Maintenance].

STEP 2: Only ever edit the [Current Project Menu]. NEVER the [Default Menu].

STEP 3: Go to the Folder that you want to add your ADF Program to and Right Click and click [Add New].

STEP 4: Click [UI Runtime Program].

STEP 5: Click the arrow next to the [Value] field.

STEP 6: Enter the ADF Program Name (directions below on how to find that) and click Go.

STEP 7: Click [Save]

STEP 8: Close the Menu to be equal to the Default menu on the left.

STEP 9: Click [Save As Default]. NEVER click [Reset Default Menu].

Finding the ADF Program Name - 

While on the ADF screen you are wanting to add to the Treeview:


STEP 1: Click [About].

STEP 2: The [Program Name] is located on the [About] menu.