Performance -  Create Goals 

STEP 1: Log into Workday.

STEP 2: Click on [Performance].

STEP 3: Click [Goals]

STEP 4: Make sure you are on [Individual Goals] and click [Edit] at the bottom of the screen.

STEP 5: Click [Add].

STEP 6: Add Goal

a. Goal: Brief goal title

b. Goal Description And Key Results: Detailed Goal Description with Success Metric and desired IMPACT if achieved

c. Category: Select the relevant category

d. Status: Select In Progress when adding new goals

e. Relates To: Choose from the list of Blueprint Categories

f. Due Date: Assign a due date

g. Actions: Click the [+] to add the specific next step action you will take to meet or make progress towards your goal

1. Action: 
Create action item.

2. Due Date: Assign a due date

3. Status: This must be In Progress


STEP 7: Add goal #2; go back up to the top of the screen, click [Add] 

STEP 8: Complete Step 6 in its entirety for Goal #2.


STEP 9: Repeat STEPS 7 & 8 until you have added at least 3 Goals.
                 NOTE: Once you have added a minimum of 3 Goals, go to STEP 10

STEP 10: Click [Submit].