Mobile - Access Development Check-Ins

You can access your development check-ins via the Workday App on your iPhone or iPad.

STEP 1: From the Workday Mobile App, login using your Swinerton credentials. 

STEP 2: From the Workday home screen, locate and click on your inbox. 


STEP 3: Locate the 'Acknowledge Development Check-in meeting' task and click on it.

STEP 4: Review the instructions. Click [Submit].

STEP 5: You will be taken back to your inbox. Give the screen a few minutes to refresh (you may need to swipe down on your screen) and then click on the 'Self Evaluation' task.

STEP 6: Click into the Response boxes and enter the details of what you will be working on and how your manager will support you.

STEP 7: Once you've entered your responses, click [Submit].

STEP 8: Your self evaluation is now routed to your manager.