Craft - View Time off/Vacation & Sick Balances



STEP 1: Click on the Time Off and Leave worklet 



You have the following viewing options related to your time off:

  1. My Time Off – shows time off requests (past and future; submitted and approved; Time Off Adjustments (past and future); and Time Off Balances as of Current Date
  2. Time Off Balance – shows time off balance as of a certain date; can view projected balance

My Time Off

STEP 2: Click the My Time Off button

There are two Tabs:

1. Time Off Requests - Your time off requests will be listed here including all details: date, Type, Hours and status

2. Time Off Balances as of Current Date - Details of your current balance

Time Off Balance

STEP 1: Click Time Off Balance button

STEP 2: Enter date you would like to see  your balances as of.  This can be a future date so that you can see your future accruals.

STEP 3: Click Ok

STEP 4: View your balances