Craft - Approve Time off 

Notes: Requested time off from your employees will appear as an inbox item.


STEP 1: Click on the Inbox icon from your Home page. This opens your Inbox and provides a list of tasks requiring your attention.  In this example, we are looking at the time off request submitted at the top of the inbox.



STEP 2: Click on the task to be approved (Box A).

Notes: You can choose to “Approve”, “Send Back”, or “Deny” the request; “Close” will close the request, but no action will be taken.


STEP 3: Click the appropriate action:  Approve, Send Back, Deny, Cancel.

Send Back Time Off Request

Notes: You may choose to send the request back to the employee if changes need to be made to the request. 

Provide detailed instruction/reasoning as to why the request is being sent back to the employee and what the next steps should be.

STEP 1: Insert detailed reason and next steps, then Submit

Review Revised Time Off Request

Notes: After the employee has update their time off request, the request will be sent back to the manager for approval.



STEP 1: Click the task that was revised, for review

STEP 2: Click the appropriate action:  Approve, Send Back, Deny, Cancel