Request Time Off

You can access the Payslips worklet from your Home landing page. The Payslips worklet provides you access to a set of Time Off tasks or information directly related to you.


IMPORTANT: ALL time off MUST be requested through Workday

  • The only way time off will show up on your time card is if you request it through the Payslips worklet.
  • You cannot directly enter time off including sick and vacation hours into your timecard.
  • Holidays DO NOT need to be requested, they will automatically appear in your timecard.


STEP 1: Click on Payslips worklet.

Balance as of – defaults to the current date; date from which will determine the displayed accrual amounts 
Balance Per Plan – provides breakdown of accrued hours based upon the plan – Sick and Vacation (if applicable)

STEP 2: Request Time Off -To request time off, click on the Time Off button under the Request section.

 Notes: A calendar view of the current month will be provided immediately. You can change the month by clicking on the < and > arrows above the current calendar view.

STEP 2: Select the day(s) you want to request off for vacation

Step 3: Click the orange Request Time Off (bottom of page) - sum of day(s) requested


STEP 3: Click on the Type Field

 STEP 4: Select Vacation- NU Craft Time Off


STEP 5:   Review Time off requested and then Click Submit.

 STEP 6: Your request is submitted to your Manager for approval