View Employee Certification Records and Certification Notifications in Workday

This solution demonstrates how to view your Certification records, view your Certification-related notifications, and view Certification records for other employees.

View the list of certificates tracked in Workday here.

PART 1: View Your Certification Records:

STEP 1: On Workday Homepage, click Career 

STEP 2: Click Certifications

STEP 3: You can view your completed Certifications here

PART 2: View Your Certification-Related Notifications

STEP 1: Click the bell icon in the top right corner. You will also receive emails related to upcoming Certification due dates.

NOTE: Certification notifications will be issued at the following intervals prior to expiration of the Certification: 90 days, 60 days, 30 days, and 7 days.

STEP 2: View your Alert Notification Details

PART 3: View Other Employee Certifications

STEP 1: From Workday homepage, enter employee's name in the Search bar 

STEP 2: Click Career

STEP 3: Click Certifications tab. All of the employee's Certifications are displayed beneath this tab.