Merit – Send Back 

Audience: Division Managers with subordinate orgs, Compensation Administrator, Solutions Partner


Note: Use to send back a subordinate planner’s task (grid) for making revisions


In your task bar search for: Compensation Review Process View Organization

Navigate to the planner/top level org where the grid has been submitted to and select OK

From the Organization Summary screen, drill into the sub orgs to locate the organization who has submitted, that you want to send back to

Locate the sub org that you want to send back and select “Send Back” from the Actions button

Note: This option is only available for sub orgs with a status of Submitted or Manually Advanced

STEP 1: Enter a comment as to why you are taking this action

STEP 2: Click Send Back 

Click DONE


Note: The planner’s grid is no longer editable and shows a status of Sent Back. The prior planner will find a task in their inbox and now has access to edit their grid.