Search Employees: SWIN Compensation Review Organization Search Report 

Audience: Planners, Compensation Administrator, Solutions Partner

Note: Use this report to search for the employees you are planning for, by filtered results. Filter by Location, Manager, Job profile, etc.

This report is only available during the merit planning cycle.


This report is accessible wherever you see the Search Employees button or via the Action Menu > Search Employees in the merit planning task:

Once you've selected to Search Employees, you'll be taken into the report where you can filter.

To view and plan for filtered results:


STEP 1: Select filter(s)

STEP 2: Select the checkbox next to the total # of results

STEP 3: Click Review


 You will be presented with a grid that only contains the workers based on the filtered results selected. Continue to view and plan accordingly.


Saved Searches

Note: Filtered searches can be saved and will be accessible for future use in the report.


After selecting a filter:

STEP 1: Click Save (next to Current Search)

STEP 2: Name the search

STEP 3: Click OK

Your filter is now saved and accessible in the Saved Searches area.

To utilize your saved search:

STEP 1: Expand the arrow for Saved Searches

STEP 2: Select the saved search