Merit – Propose Merit Awards (Planners)

Audience: Merit Planners


Navigate to your Workday inbox

STEP A: Locate and select the merit compensation review planning task

STEP B: Toggle to full screen viewing mode if necessary by locating the icon in the upper right-hand corner of the screen


Organization Summary overview

Note: Proceed to the "View and Propose Employee Awards" section of this document if you do not need an overview of the Organization Summary page


 The activity stream exposes comments to planners and support roles

The Search Employees button will take you to the SWIN Compensation Review Organization Search Report to review/group employees in various ways for comparison purposes.


Propose Compensation for My Organizations: Displays only direct reports

View All Employees: Displays all employees in the hierarchy

Note: if you attempt to view or propose for an organization with 500+ employees, you will receive the warning below:

Once you click Search you are directed to the SWIN Compensation Review Organization Search Report where you can review/group employees in various ways for comparison purposes.

Sub Orgs View

This page displays once the sub-orgs icon has been clicked on from the org summary screen. Continue to drill into sub orgs as needed.

Actions for sub orgs

View All Employees: Displays all employees in the hierarchy

Search Employees: utilize the SWIN Compensation Review Organization Search Report to review/group employees in various ways for comparison purposes.

Click on Return to Top Level anytime to return to the initial screen, otherwise review employee awards by selecting the pencil or magnifying glass icons or one of the options from the action button.

Send Back

Note: Send back is only available to Division Managers with subordinate Division Managers

You have the ability to send back planning to a subordinate organization for planners that need to make revisions.

STEP 1: Locate the Actions button for the subordinate organization and choose Send Back.

Note: Only organizations with a status of ‘Submitted’ or ‘Manually Advanced' can be sent back

STEP 2: Enter a comment as to why you are taking this action

STEP 3: Click Send Back

STEP 4: Click Done

Note: The planner’s grid is no longer editable and shows a status of Sent Back. The prior planner will find a task in their inbox and now has access to edit their grid.


View and Propose Employee Awards

Once you are in Employee Awards screen (grid) you can add, modify and review merit awards and notes:


STEP 1: Enter or modify awards in the editable fields

Note: use "Autofill" to populate your grid with the target award for each employee. Make updates where necessary.

Find this button underneath your budget, above the grid.

STEP 2: Enter or modify any notes

STEP 3: Click on Continue to return to the Organization Summary screen to review and plan for other organizations

STEP 4: Click Submit on the Organization Summary page once you have completed all your merit planning

Note: to navigate to the Organization Summary page after completing step 3, select Return to Top Level

STEP 5: Enter any comments (optional)

STEP 6: Click Submit 

Note: Planners will not be able to submit unless all subordinate orgs have a status of Submitted or Manually Advanced, and will see this message: