How to Fix Errors in Prequal if a Reviewer Leaves and his Contact is Deactivated
This will typically throw all existing Prequal workflows into Error in Workflow Manager

In this example, Matt Semancik left the company and his contact was deactivated. 

Delete him from the Approvals tab by using the “x” then Save
Add a line with the “+” and enter the replacement information, in this example it is John Wakeman,

Search for user and select Go, check box and select Accept

Order ColumnRe-number and Save
Approver Type: U
se drop down and select correct type, Financial (defaults to Insurance)

In Workflow Manager > click Find Processes

Enter %Oraseq#% > select Find

At bottom of screen select View Diagram

Select Attribute

Everywhere you see the old User ID or Name (MSEMANCIK / Matt Semancik) replace with new User ID and Name
Approver Contact Code field: if populated with former approver contact code, replace with new approver contact code. If blank, leave it blank
Scroll to bottom and select OK when done

Restart workflow from beginning. Click on Start and Expedite at bottom of screen 

Select Retry > OK

Workflow should start normally