Registering for Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) using Text/SMS Messaging
What is MFA? MFA is security method that ensures that only you can log into your account. It does this by requiring at least 2 methods of authentication – your password and another piece of information Microsoft Authenticator App, text message code or a phone call.

Navigate to

Type in your Username (, click Next

Type in your network password at the following screen, click Sign in

Click Next when you see this screen

Enter a phone number that can receive text messages

Method: select “Send me a code by text message”

Click Next

Enter the PIN number you receive, click Verify 

At this point, you have completed registering for Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) 
Click Done


You can set up additional security verification options using the Microsoft Authenticator App (recommended) or add another phone number.\
Log back into, select and configure the settings

Cancel at any time to stop setting up an authentication option

….go to the Multi-Factor Authentication - MFA site on SwinNet