Maintain Business Partner -

On the Enterprise ADF treeview:

STEP 1: Click on Accounts Payable > Maintain Business Partner

STEP 2: Search to see if the vendor exists by clicking Search.


STEP 3: Enter the vendor name and click Execute.

STEP 4: Click Add New.

STEP 5: Enter BP Information:

a. Business Partner Name

b. BP Address

c. Check Vendor

d. Legal Entity Type

e. Update Address

NOTE: Once Update Address has been selected, the system will generate a BP Code.


STEP 6: Keep only Related Vendor Payment Address and Related Customer Billing Address checked and click Update Selected Choices.

STEP 7: Click on User Extension > BP Update Request.

STEP 8: Click Insert.

STEP 9: Click on the arrow for Business Partner Type.

STEP 10: Choose BP Type and click OK.

STEP 11: Click on the arrow for BP Terms.

STEP 12: Choose BP Terms as Due Upon Receipt and click OK.

STEP 13: Click Save and Exit.

STEP 14: Click Save and Exit.