Adding New or Missing Members to a Team 

Objectives and Background

As a result of the tenant migration, in some cases a user or set of users may no longer have access to a specific Team. This resource will guide you through the process of adding a user back to a specific Team. This same workflow as adding a user to a Team for the first time. An existing member or owner of the Team can also perform this action – Swinerton Business Technology can assist, however a member or owner of the Team can also do this themselves. An Owner from the Team will need to approve the request.

Before Getting Started

You’ll need the following:

·         Your login credentials for your Swinerton account

·         The Microsoft Teams application

·         The name(s) and/or Swinerton email address(s) for users who need to be added to a Team

·         The name of the Team(s) that users need to be added to


Add a Member to a Team

Microsoft makes it easy to add members, groups or distribution lists to a Team. Each team can hold up to 5,000 people, so you’ll have plenty of space to work. Whether you’re looking to add members from your Desktop computer, an iOS device like iPhone or iPad, or an Android device, please visit this site Microsoft’s comprehensive illustrated guide to for the most up to date instructions.

If you’re unable to click the link above, please visit:

To learn more about Microsoft Teams, including additional guides, resources, and tips, please visit Microsoft Teams Support to help you get the most out of Microsoft Teams.