Sign-Up for Instructor-Led Training (ILT)


STEP 1: Log into Workday.



STEP 2: From the homepage click on your Learning worklet.

STEP 3: Select [Browse Learning] from the list of links or within Learning Home on the left side of your screen. 


STEP 4: In the search bar enter the full course title or a key word from the course title and select [Search].

STEP 5: Select the course by clicking into it.

STEP 6: Click [Select Offering]

Note: you will see "No Offerings Available" when there are no offerings scheduled for the course. Choose instead [Express Interest].

STEP 7: Review the open offerings and locate one that meets your needs. Click the checkbox to select offering.

Note:  Select [Express Interest] when you are not able to locate an appropriate offering to request additional offerings

STEP 8: Click [OK]

STEP 9: Click [Submit]

STEP 10: Click [Done]



The course will appear in "Continue Learning" section of My Learning  or in the Not Started section of your transcript 

Note: to download a calendar appointment for Outlook use the following how-to: