How to Take an On Demand Course 


STEP 1: Log into Workday




STEP 2: From the homepage click on your Learning worklet




STEP 3: Select [Browse Learning] from the list of links or within Learning Home on the left side of your screen. 


STEP 4: Select [Type] and the check box for [Digital Course] and locate the desired course.

If you know the name of the course or any key words associated with the course, you can use the search bar to further refine your search

Note: On Demand courses are known as Digital Courses. Use this filter to browse all On Demand courses available.

STEP 5: Select the Digital Course by clicking into it.

Once you are in the course, you will see a description, all lessons associated with the course, ratings, contact information, etc. 

Note:  A digital lesson can be a variety of media including Word documents, PDFs, videos, SCORM files and even links to web-based materials.

STEP 6: Select [Start Course] to begin the course. This will start the first lesson (if many). The course may have only one lesson.

Continue viewing all of the lessons (if there are more than one). The course will not be counted as “completed” until you finish all of the lessons. 

If you cannot complete the entire course once you have started, it will be saved and marked as “In Progress” until you finish it completely.

Once you have completed a course, it will show a green check mark and “Completed” and saves to your transcript.