Setup and connect to Swinerton VPN in iOS/iPadOS



This solution provides installation and setup instructions for Cisco AnyConnect to connect to Swinerton's VPN on a device running iOS of iPadOS.




1. Open the App Store and search for Cisco AnyConnect, then purchase/install the app

2. Open the Cisco AnyConnect app

3. Tap Allow on the notification prompt

4. Tap Connections > Add VPN Connection 

5. Enter Swinerton as Description and as the Server Address, tap Save

6. Tap Allow to add the VPN Configuration

7. Tap AnyConnect VPN in the top, left-hand corner to turn on the VPN connection

8. Choose Public Devices for Group, then enter your Swinerton username and password, tap Connect

You are now connected to the Swinerton VPN. When done working you can open the AnyConnect app once more and tap the AnyConnect VPN switch to disconnect.