Correct UI Scaling issues in Windows when using FMW Web app on Surface Devices



Users of Surface devices will no longer be able to use FMW Web via Citrix to scale the application properly for their high DPI displays. The steps below provide a workaround to accomplish the same usability.



1. On your computer open Software Center and make sure that FMW Web is installed. If not, install it.

2. Now open the Start menu and find FMW Web, right click on it, click More then Open file location.

3. In the Windows Explorer window that opens, right click on the FMW Web icon, click Properties. In the Properties window that opens click on the Compatibility tab, then put a check mark in Override high DPI scaling behavior. Scaling performed by: and select System from the associated drop down menu. Click Apply then OK and close the Explorer window.

4. Now, when you launch FMW Web, it will be sized correctly for normal use.