Table of Contents

1. Installing ExakTime Mobile



 Security Roles

2. iPad Best Practices and Why

 Defaulting Locations

 Defaulting Cost Codes

 Changing Tasks / Cost Codes

 Airplane Mode

 Syncing Your Device

3. ExakTime Mobile from Craft View

 Clocking – IN

 Clocking – OUT

4. ExakTime Mobile from Foreman View

 Clocking – IN

 Clocking – OUT


 Field Notes

 Field Notes Report

5. Time Approvers: Reviewing and Approving Time

 Clearing Exceptions

 Addressing Responses to Clock Out Questions

 Adding Time Records

 Editing Time Records


 Employee Executive Summary

6. TIME ENTRY Best Practices and Why

 iPad vs Craft Ratio

 Cost Code Accessibility

 Employee ID Accessibility

 Time Entry - Option #1

 Time Entry - Option #2

 Time Entry - Option #3