Yes, a resource can be assigned to multiple active projects, while still keeping the costing accurate. This can be done in two different ways which are both mapped out in this article.



Adjust the Assignment Hours


The first method is to adjust the assignment hours. This method should be used when a resource needs to be at each project at a specific time of day.

  • Create the first assignment, just as you normally would.
  • Within the assignment details modal, change the start and end times of the Work Hours to reflect the needed hours at the project.
  • Select Save or Save & Alert.

In the example below, Elizabeth will spend the first 4 hours of the day at the Children's Mercy project.

  • Next, create the second assignment, and adjust the hours accordingly.
  • Select Save or Save & Alert.

Elizabeth will spend the second half of the day at the Denver Psychiatric Center.

Use Percent Allocation


The second method is to utilize Percent Allocation rather than Work Hours. This method is used when the time of day spent at each project does not need to be noted in the assignment details.


To use this method:

  • Create the first assignment as you normally would.
  • Within the assignment details modal, select Allocation Type: Percent.
  • Enter the percentage of time the resource should spend at the project.
    • e.g., if Elizabeth should spend half of her day here, enter 50

  • Then, create the second assignment and enter the remaining percentage.

Note: the platform will not throw an error if the percentages entered do not equal 100%.