There are a few ways that you can end an assignment from the Boards Page.


If you are ending assignments individually, you can do so by clicking the Mini Gantt icon on the right side of the assignment card. You will see a Gantt modal with the project assignment bar. Click on the assignment bar and select the Edit Total Assignment button. From here you can select the new assignment end date and save your assignment changes. 

You can also quickly end an assignment by dragging the assignment card from the project area back to the Resource Bench. You will see a modal prompting you to enter the assignment end date. Once you have entered the date and hit Save, your resource will show up again under the Available category on the Resource Bench.  

If you need to end an assignment for multiple people, you can use the Batch tool. Click on the Batch button in the top left-hand corner of the Boards page. Click on the Configure button and select the new end date from the configuration modal. Click on the Set link to apply these settings. From here you can click on the assignment cards for everyone that you need to change the assignment end date for. Once you have selected all of the assignment cards, click on the Apply Changes button.

  • Learn more about the Batch tool HERE.