Categories Overview

Categories are commonly used to break down your resources within a project, this helps with organization and management of your workforce while they are on a job.


Examples of how companies have utilized categories:

  • Phases
  • Areas 
  • Roles/job titles
  • Scope of work
  • Floors

How to Create Categories


To create a category you will need to go to that specific Project's details page and scroll down until you see the section labeled as Categories. From here all you would need to do is click on New and then name your category.

How to create Subcategories


Subcategories can be created and nested under Categories within a Project area. This can further help with breaking down a Project and its resources. To create a Subcategory you must go to that Project's details page and select the Edit button. Click on the gear icon beside the specific Category you wish to create the Subcategory for.  


Below is an example of Subcategories used in a Project, where Phase 1 is the category, and North Lot is the subcategory.

Note: Categories are expandable and collapsible. Your categories will need to be expanded when assigning people to them from the Resource Bench.