Creating an Assignment

Creating new assignments on the Gantt Page is very simple. The multi-day view (Gantt) makes it easy to see one or multiple assignments. 

You can create a new assignment on the Gantt Page by clicking on the New button in the top left-hand corner.

The Create New Assignment modal will allow you to enter all the details needed to create this assignment.  


Once you have entered all assignment details, you will have the option to Save or Save and Alert.  If you wish to notify the person of their new assignment details, click Save and Alert. This will cue up the Assignment Alert window allowing you to edit any of its content or add additional recipients before sending it out instantly or at a scheduled delivery time.



Assignments can also be created for a specific project from the Gantt page by using the 3 dots.

  • Click the 3 dots located on the right-end of the project's name bar
  • Select New Assignment