MFA is your key when you access apps from OUTSIDE Swinerton's network.
MFA is an additional form of authentication that deters unwanted access to your Workday & other important applications.


1. Watch the video (optional).  Launch in YouTube.

NOTE: The video references the Microsoft Authenticator app (downloadable from the Apple or Google Store) but you can just as easily choose either a text message or a phone call instead (see PDFs below for step-by-step instructions).

2. Choose
an authentication method (Mobile App strongly advised) and open them for reference on step three (below).

Registering for Multi-Factor Authentication (Mobile App).pdf

Registering for Multi-Factor Authentication (Text Messaging).pdf

3. Go
verify your second form of authentication: 

Means of Protection: Three presentations of authentication

1. What you KNOW (passwords, personal info, PIN or a pattern)

2. What you HAVE (phone app, phone text, a use key or a security card)

3. What you ARE (your fingerprint, face or voice)

Solution: MFA = Prove you are who you say you are
MFA enforces a requirement to provide a 2nd form of authentication (what you HAVE) in addition to your password (what you KNOW).


What is MFA?
MFA is a security method that ensures only you can log into your account. It does this by requiring at least 2 methods of authentication – your password and another piece of information (Microsoft Authenticator App, text message) code or a phone call.

How does it work?
You will get a notification via the method you selected during the set up (a mobile app verification, text or phone call) to verify it is you logging- in to your account.

How often and when will I be prompted?
You will be prompted for MFA anytime you log into Workday from outside Swinerton's network (and not on VPN).

Which method of authentication is recommended?
Swinerton recommends using the Microsoft Authenticator App method.

Where can staff get the mobile app?
The Microsoft Authenticator App is available for download from the Apple store and from the Google Play store.

Can a different authenticator app be used?
Not as of 02/18/20.

What if the app notification, text message, or phone call is not received?

• Wait for a few minutes and then retrying (since the code is only good for 60 seconds)
• When prompted to log in, there is a link to "Use a different verification option." Depending on how you have set-up MFA you can choose the alternative method you established:

◦ Approve request or use a verification code from Microsoft Authenticator App
◦ Receive a text message with a code
◦ Phone call to your mobile phone (only available if you have added another number in MFA)
◦ Phone call to an alternate phone (only available if you have added another number in MFA)

What if I have other questions?
You can contact Swinerton Support - Service Desk through a help ticket or by calling 866-647-5200.