Polycom Trio 8800 Quick Start Guide

The Polycom Trio 8800 is Swinerton’s preferred video conferencing system for use in conference and meeting rooms across the company. The system is integrated with Skype for Business and offers all the features of normal Skype meetings

Ensure the Polycom is powered on and setup correctly by looking at the Home screen
  1. Lower left icon shows the conference room you are in
  2. Top right icon will read, ‘Sign Out’ *
if the icon reads, “Sign In,” contact Service Desk at 866-647-5200

Calls with other Skype for Business contacts will be both audio and video (video can be stopped). Connected TV and webcam are required for video calls and video meetings. Participants must be joined using Skype for Business to utilize video and collaboration functionality.

Place A New Call:
 1. Tap the 'Dial a Number' icon
 2. On the Place a Call screen, you can dial a number and view the contacts, recent calls, and meetings using the icons on top
 3. To call a contact, tap the contacts icon, then tap the contact, and from the details screen tap ext to the desired number.
 4. To join a scheduled meeting, tap the meetings icon then tap Join.

Start an AdHoc Meeting:

1. Tap Meet Now to start a meeting right away, then tap Add to add participants.

2. When adding a participant, enter a contact’s number or select a contact from ‘Contacts’ or ‘Recent Calls’ and tap Dial.

3. To add additional participants, tap Add Participants (you can have up to 250 total participants).

4. Join "A Scheduled Meeting:" You can join a meeting from the Calendar or from the on‐screen Meeting Reminder:
To join a meeting from the Calendar, tap the ‘Meetings’ icon on the home screen or from the dial pad, select the meeting, and tap Join.
To join a meeting from a Meeting Reminder, tap Join on the meeting reminder that shows on the display 5 minutes and 1 minute before the start of a meeting.


Utilizing Skype for Business you can share content from your computer to participants both inperson (using a connected TV) and online. The process is the same for inperson meetings and for online Skype conferences with participants joined over the internet using Skype for Business.

NOTE: When sharing content from a computer in the same conference room, mute both the mic and speakers on the computer to reduce feedback and background noise –you can mute the mic by pressing the mute icon on the Skype call screen or the F1 key on the keyboard.

Use one of the following methods to connect your laptop for sharing content:
 1. Using the Polycom Trio 8800, tap Add and enter your Skype for Business username.
 2. Answer the call on your laptop.
 3. From the laptop, in the Skype conversation view, click and choose what to share.


 1. From a laptop, open meeting invitation for the current Skype for Business meeting.
 2. Click the Join Skype for Business Meeting link.
 3. Once connected, click and choose what to share.