Resolving Document Access Issues

STEP 1: Click on the document link.

STEP 2: Find the name of the document towards the top of the page or look for it in the URL.

STEP 3: Go to the Document Library to locate the document.

A. Click the gear icon, then Site Contents.

B. Click Documents.

C. Use Ctrl + F on your keyboard or alpha sort to find the document. To sort A-Z, select the dropdown under the Name column.

It will take a while for the Document Library to load since there are a lot of documents.

STEP 4: Click on document and copy the URL.

A. If it is a PDF, click on Open in Browser to get shorter URL.

STEP 5: Go back to page. Click Edit to edit page. 

A. Locate document and open link by clicking the link icon

B. Paste new URL in Address box. Check Open link in a new tab for document links. Click Save.

STEP 6: Click Save As Draft to save the page.

STEP 7: Check exception list to see if document file name is on it. 

A. Click the gear icon then Site Permissions.

B. Click Advanced Permissions Settings.

C. Click Show These Items.

D. Next to Documents, click View Exceptions.

E. If the document is on the list, click on Manage Permissions link next to file name.

F. Then click Delete Unique Permissions button in upper left corner.  

G.  Click OK. This will get rid of the special permissions caused by copied or shared links.

STEP 8: If the document was on the exception list, go back to the Document Library (reference STEP 3 for instructions on how to get to Document Library).

A. Click on three dots next to name, then Version History in menu.

B. Look for the last major published version of the document. Note: Should be a whole number like 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, etc. Minor versions have decimal points like 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, etc. If the document is already in the last published version (like below), you can stop here.

C. If the document is not in the last major published version, next to the last major published version, click Restore.This will revert the document.

D. Click the three dots next to the document/More/Properties.

E. Click Edit Item. Click Submitted, then Save.

STEP 9: Do this for all the documents on the page.

STEP 10: When you are done making changes to the page, click the Submit for Approval blue button in the top right corner.This will start the process to republish the page.