Launching FMW from Start Menu - 

Once the FMW program is installed on your computer (directions to install HERE), you can launch it by following these directions:

STEP 1: From your Start Menu, click on FMWWeb 9080 fmwweb01.

STEP 2: Upon launching, you should see a new FMW Launcher window and it will also create a new shortcut on your desktop called 

               “FMWWeb 9080 fmwweb01”.

NOTE: If you do not see the FMW Launcher screen, the application is not opening. 

NOTE:  On this launcher splash screen, you can click “Settings” (top right) to turn off the desktop shortcut.

STEP 3: Once the launcher finishes loading, FMW will launch. 

STEP 4: Login to FMW by using your Swinerton login credentials and use the application as normal.