Installing FMW

After the CMiC upgrade, you will find an updated version of FMW.  This updated version will remove the previous launcher’s shortcuts.  To pin any application icon to your taskbar, launch it, and right-click the icon to select “pin to taskbar”. 


If you are new to FMW and have authorization to use it, the application will automatically appear in your Software Center. If it does not, please complete a Service Request ticket to get authorization. 


New user installation: 

  1. To locate FMW in your Software Center, go to the start button, start typing "FMW" and click "FMW R12 Launcher". 

  1. In the dialog box, click "Install" to begin installing FMW R12 Launcher. 

  1. Should the FMW icon not automatically pin to your taskbar, when it is open, right-click the icon to then select “pin to taskbar”.