Billing Backup & Image Links -

The Billing Backup with Image Links Report will compile the job billing docs, including links to invoice images. Both the report and image file folder can be saved to the computers (C:) drive and then copied to a shared drive to offer access to project team members. 

NOTE: Only AP Invoices are linked to this report. 

STEP 1: From the treeview, click Reports>Job Billing>Billing Backup and Image Links.

STEP 2: When the report parameter screen loads, complete as noted below:

a. Album Type - Needs to be J/B Contract

b. Target Folder - click the three dots to the right of the field to chose the download location. NOTE: Create a "Billings" folder on the (C:) drive.

c. Report File Name - Project and Draw Number

d. Company - Chose company

e. Contract - Enter Job Number

f. Draw Number - Enter the JB Draw Number (available in the Invoice Description field)

g. Revision Number - Enter Revision Number

h. Only the Copy Images to Local Drive box needs to be checked

i. Click Print

STEP 3: When the report print box comes up, change the Format to PDF and click Run Report.

STEP 4: The report and all of the invoice images will be saved to the Billings folder on the (C:) drive. 

When opening the report, click on the Image Link links to open the coordinating invoices. 

NOTE: The report and the image link file can be shared with project team members by zipping the files and emailing. If the file is too large, use the Sharefile Outlook Plugin (HERE) to send the documents. 

NOTE: The end user will need to Extract the files from the zipped file and save elsewhere in order for the linked images to open via the report (see below).