Create a Crew

1. Click the Menu button

2. Select Manage

3. Select Crews

4. Click Edit

5. Click +

6. Enter a name for this crew and click Next

7. Search and select the employees you would like in this crew

8. Click Cancel – don’t worry this, will just close the search bar

9. Click Done when you have selected all employees you want in this crew

10.Click Done when you are done creating crews



Edit a Crew


1. Click Edit

2. Select the crew you would like to adjust

3. Click Edit

4. Add or remove employees for the selected crew

5. Click Done



Clock-In a Crew

Note: Employees are required to clock themselves in and out daily. Clock For is meant to change tasks.


1. Click Clock For

2. Click Choose employee or crew

        Note: If you have used Clock For -  the last employee or crew will be listed

3. Select the crew you would like to “Clock In”

4. Click This crew

        Note: You have the option of only selecting one employee from this crew to avoid searching from all employees

5. Enter the punch details

        a. Location, Cost Code and Time

6. Click Go

        Note: All craft are required to clock themselves out

7. Click Clock in

        Note: You have an opportunity to remove and/or add employees before clicking Clock In