Step 1: Ensure your Dashboards are on. (Refer to Setting Your Homepage to the Dashboard View)

Step 2: At the bottom of the module bar you can set your Dashboard Preferences and select public dashboards to view

  1. Companywide Dashboard Structure:
    • My Contacts, Leads and Opportunities, Reports:  This is a summary view of all things associated to you within the system. You can do some filtering, searching, and activities here, but it is very limited. It is meant to provide a snapshot for you.
    • Regional/National Market Dashboards: The Structure for each Dashboard shows a Company Wide overview, Regional Summary by Division for the Region Dashboard you are in, and then each Division by Department making up that region.

Step 3: Using the gear icon      you can access "Dashboard Options" to display this menu at the top of the window versus the bottom and set it to remember the last viewed dashboard