The Lead and Opportunity Grids are sortable and filterable. Please see the attached excel document to review the following information:

  1. What the fields on each grid shows (and what you can do with them)
  2. Which fields are editable on the grid
  3. Which fields we recommend turning off. 
  4. What order we recommend having the columns in

Tips to speed up the loading times for your opportunity and lead grids:

Step 1: Choose only your Division's Opportunities.

Step 2: Change the Status to Open Opportunities.

Step 3: Change to My Opportunities unless searching for others.

Step 4: Select a lower number of Records to Display. Please keep in mind that you will have opportunities on multiple pages. 

Step 5: Set all of your selections as your default filter view so you are not viewing all of the opportunities in the system every time you go to your grid. 

Step 6: Turn off unused Columns in your grid view.