Prequalification allow you to track prequals that you have submitted to K-12 and Higher Education Districts and Public Clients and when they are due to expire. By setting up the prequalification, you will receive automatic email notifications when they are about to expire.

Step 1: Within the Company Record, click to add a new prequalifcation

Step 2: If the prequalification has a Certification Number, enter it

Step 3: In most cases the Certifying Agency is the same as the Company/Client.

Step 4: Enter the date the prequalification was submitted.

Step 5: Enter the date the prequalification will expire

Step 6: Select the type of prequalification you are tracking (ie: Annual, Bi-Annual, Subcontractor, etc.)

Step 7: Notes: This is where you can include information on the platform that you are using for the prequalification (ie: Quality Bidders) as well as your login information.