• Don’t repeat project name in description
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  • Avoid “this project” at the beginning; i.e. “This project is a 21-story high-rise…” INSTEAD: “A 21-story high-rise, it features…”

Full Description

  • 85 words; 100 max
  • How many levels
  • Total square feet
  • Specify “tenant improvement”, “ground-up”, “seismic retrofit”, etc.
  • Type of building (hospital, mixed-use, classroom, office, etc.)
  • Type of construction/materials (structural steel, concrete, wood, etc.)
  • Type of construction/materials (structural steel, concrete, wood, etc.)
  • Architectural highlights
  • Design-Build?
  • LEED?
  • Self-Performed work (only if significant)
  • Parking structure?
    • Levels above grade and below grade
    • Square feet
    • Stalls
    • Retail space?
    • Design-Build
    • Architectural highlights
    • Self-Performed Concrete?
    • Street Improvements/Site Work?

Resume Description

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  • Simplify full description
  • Each bullet point can be explained in just a couple words
  • Exclude architectural details
  • Exclude any additional fluff

Top 5 Highlights—Pick and Choose According to Importance

  • Building details
  • Type of construction (structural steel, concrete, wood, etc.)
  • Unique architectural and/or interior features
  • Unique challenges overcome
  • Major self-performed work?
  • Occupied facility/campus?
  • Design-Build?
  • LEED?


Alexan South Broadway

Los Angeles, CA


Full Description

A new mixed-use, 27-story high-rise apartment complex, the 850,000-square-foot building rests on a six-story podium. The ground floor includes a lobby and 7,000 square feet of retail space. Five levels of parking are located directly above, with space for 333 cars. The 21 levels of residential space include 305 apartments, along with a 2,000-square-foot fitness center. A Type I structure, it utilizes concrete and post-tension slabs atop an eight-foot deep mat foundation. The skin features a window wall system, while balconies line three sides of the building. Swinerton self-performed the concrete scope of work.


A new 27-story, 850,000-square-foot apartment tower, it has 305 units and 5 levels of parking with 333 cars. A Type I structure, it utilizes concrete and post-tension slabs atop an 8-foot deep mat foundation, a window wall system, and balconies along 3 sides.


  • 27-story ground-up apartment building
  • 5-level parking garage
  • Retail space
  • Concrete post-tensioned; self-performed
  • Window wall system and balconies on 3 sides


TOPA 1900 Avenue of the Stars Tenant Improvement

Century City, CA


Full Description

Set across 8,000 square feet, the two-story lobby of a 28-story, Class-A high-rise building was completely renovated. Working in a fully occupied space, features included: Herculite entry doors, ceiling system and lighting, focal console table, framing, stone tile, glazing, structural steel, concrete, millwork, air handlers, miscellaneous metal finishes, MEP upgrades, and site improvements. A new bridge was also built at the entrance of the building. Selective demolition was done prior to the start of work.


Set across 8,000 square feet, major renovations to the two-story lobby of a 28-story, fully occupied high-rise included: a new

entry bridge, entry doors, ceilings, lighting, stone tile, glazing, framing, structural steel, concrete, millwork, metal finishes, and

MEP upgrades.


  • Fully occupied high-rise office building
  • New framing, glazing, steel, concrete, ceilings, millwork
  • MEP upgrades and new air handlers
  • New bridge at entrance
  • Selective demolition


Community Memorial Parking Structure

Los Angeles, CA


Full Description

A design-build project, it features 571 stalls across 5 ½ levels, totaling 184,000 square feet. A cast-in-place concrete, long span

post-tensioned structure, Swinerton’s Orange County-based Concrete Group self-performed the entire concrete scope of work.

The exterior façade of the structure has a unique combination of architectural treatments, including: pre-finished metal fins,

framed perforated metal mesh, framed glass panels, and a metal panel system on the elevator tower. The first floor of the

parking garage includes roughly 1,400 square feet of retail space.


A design-build, 5 ½-level, 184,000-square-foot structure with 571 stalls and 1,400 square feet of retail space. A cast-in-place

concrete, long span post-tensioned structure, the entire concrete scope was self-performed. Its unique façade features metal fins,

metal mesh, and glass panels.


  • 5 ½ level parking structure
  • 571 stalls
  • Ground level retail space
  • Cast-in-place concrete, long span post-tensioned structure; self-performed
  • Unique metal and glass façade